Positive thoughts= Positive life

We are all delt a different card when it comes to the way we were raised and the type of personality we each have, and I believe that these factors weigh in to how our mindset works.

For some of us, thinking positively comes easy.

For others….well…we have to work at it.

And I truly believe it’s not our fault how we were raised to think, but, and this is a BIG but–I believe that we can always change our thinking patters.

Why do I believe this? Because I changed my own ! I chose to change my ways of thinking 🙂

I grew up around a lot of negative thinking, and in turn, I was thinking negatively. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized this and started to change my thought pattern-

and guess what?!

My life changed for the better!

I found that thinking negatively came SO easy to me, and thinking positively felt fake.

But I kept working at it.

I would listen to YouTube video after video, podcast after podcast, read tons in books, read daily affirmations, journaled, and even started meditating. I worked very hard to change my thinking patterns, that now, if a negative thought comes up, I know I don’t have to believe it.

I know I can change my ways, because I did, and that’s why I have devoted my life to helping others change their thoughts for the better.

You see, we aren’t in school that we control the way we think, so a lot of us don’t know this. I sure didn’t. So when I finally learned about it, it was LIFE CHANGING. And I want all of us to live the best lives we can.

So if you’re constantly caught in a negative spiral of thoughts, I want you to start changing your life by doing 1 thing. Turn the thought around to a positive one. And if that’s hard, take a book out and write a list of 10 positive aspects in your life right now. It’s such a simple little thing to do, but it’s a start to living a positive life !

Hope that helps someone like it helped me !

Love ya!

Your girl, Fotinoula.

Aka Nini❤️

Abundance…what is it to you?

If you follow me on Instagram, you maybe know by now that I’ve been choosing a theme every week for what I want to focus my affirmations on. This week the focus is on ABUNDANCE

So let’s discuss.

Most people think about money when they hear the word abundance, but it’s not necessarily all about money. We all live different lives and we all have different interests and wants for ourselves. So what do you want for yourself that once you have you would feel fulfilled ? What would make you feel more free in your life once you have it? The answer to these questions is what abundance is to you.

So what is it? See my concern is…why the hell shouldn’t we all be

abundant in our lives? Why don’t we have or do everything we want for ourselves?

The thing is…We can be, ??

But a lot of times we block ourselves without even realizing it.

And the first thing we can do to make sure we start allowing more abundance in our lives is by using affirmations.

I LOVE affirmations.

Scream it with me!

“I am abundant in all areas of my life !!!”

Scream it, sing it, think it, repeat it all day!

(Check out my insta story for a daily affirmation! ?)


Use it all day as much as you can today, and everyday

Replace it with another affirmation tomorrow

Replace it with what you’re seeking in your life, so it can seek you!

Let’s work at getting what we want in our lives, one step at a time. I promise you, once you start using affirmations, you will start to attract what you are affirming in your life.

The Universe hears you, you just have to be specific and speak up!

Love ya,

Your girl Fotinoula

Aka Nini❤️

What in the world is going on?

This world is flying by like whoa.  And what the hell has been going on? Are we all going mad or is just because I now started paying attention…. I feel like every week I hear something new that’s happpened that’s bad.  This is why we need to pay attention now more than ever, and we need to make big changes.  We need to help one another more, we need to love one another more. It’s obvious it’s needed, or the bad stuff wouldn’t be happening.

I’m with you people.  All of you.  If you ever need anything or even anyone to talk to, I don’t care if we are strangers, I’m here for you and I’m here with you!  Please, let us unite.  We can have our differences, but it doesn’t mean we have to divide.  We are all one.

If I died today…

What would people say about me?  This thought came to my head today and I wanted to share it with you guys.  So…if you were to have your very last breath today, what would people remember you by?   Are you really living to your fullest potential? 

I know it’s a morbid way of thinking but it is also motivating.  What would people say about you?  Think about what you would want people to say about you.  Can they even say the things you would hope for them to say ?  Have you been the person you really wanted to be in your life?  Have you shown the world, YOU? Have you shared with and cared for humanity?  A famous saying you’ve probably heard time and time again, is people won’t remember what you did, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.  Are you living in a way that is compassionate towards your brothers and sisters?  Well my friends, if you’re not.  My message to you, is to start living your life the way you envision it, TODAY.  

You are here for a reason.  Each and every one of us is here for a specific reason, but we have to live with purpose to ensure that our life has a purpose, and I believe the purpose for us being here is to be shared with the world in some way. So think about it, how do you want people to talk about you once you’re not physically in this world anymore?   Answer this question for yourself and be the best you can be for yourself and in turn, for the world.  
Thank you for being here, friends.  

With love, 

Nini Fotinoula

Haters gonna hate…

Haters, you gotta love them, right?  Without them, we wouldn’t know how NOT to be.  For a lot of people, haters are just motivators.  So let them hate, let them motivate.  Fuck it.  We can’t control them anyways and we sure shouldn’t waste our valuable energy on what a hater has to say.  But it’s a wonder…especially seeing it so much in the online world, why do it? 

Everything we humans do, serves a purpose for us in our lives.  So think about it…if your upset that someone is hating on you..think about WHY do you think they are actually hating on you? If you think it’s about you, you are mistaken my friend.  It’s ALLL about them and their feels.  We will never know the real reason behind the hate,(unless they tell us) but I bet you the purpose of the hating has to do with making themselves feel better.  
I think it has to take a real bitter, angry person to even go out of their way and say something hateful or leave bitter comments on anyone’s stuff.  Hell, I could be so angry at something going on in my life and hate everyone around me for the time being (it happens, we’re only human) but I still will never even think of just hating on someone for no reason just because they are being who they are.  And that’s what we see a lot of on the internet.  Very weird.  I don’t get it, but it must for some reason make them feel good at the time they’re doing it, right?  But afterwards, they’ll still be stuck with themselves and you’ll still move on with your life.

Whatever.  Haters gonna hate!
Thoughts? Leave em’ down below ! 

Where is the love ?!

This is real life.  We all talk and we all have something to say and we all have opinions about something and that’s all great but enough is enough with the shit talking guys! Where is the fucking love. Our children, our newer generations are doing this because of us.  They play fucking games to see who can be the meanest to the other.  They think being mean is cool. And then we wonder why childrenare committing  suicide.  Where are the parents involved in this?   Who the fuck made it cool to be mean?!

Yes, we can joke here and there, that’s normal, but when we are trying to one-up one another on levels of mean–that’s a problem.  Life is not a competition.  No matter where any of us are in life, we really tend to have the same feelings, some just hide it better than others.  Can we stop this mean-judging-one-another bullshit? It’s not getting any better for our children and if we continue, our children’s children are going to be royally fucked.  I know it sounds all “woowoo” but where is the frickin love guys?!  Let’s bring it back to life.  Let’s love eachother again-  for a better world ❤️ for us, for our children, and for our children’s children.  Make being mean un-cool- the way it should be.  Spread the word peeps.  Peace out. ✌️ 

You can’t change people…but you can change yourself! 

You know, I always wonder why they don’t teach this shit in school.  This concept is grasped by many, and not by most.  We can’t fucking change people, HELLO?! So quit crying about the same person that’s doing the same shit to you that you keep taking all these years.  They’re not gonna learn from your crying.  They’re probably not gonna care, and even if they do care, most likely, they’ll probably repeat the same shit they’ve done to you to hurt you again.  They won’t change until THEY decide to, not because you want them to.  And you should forgive them anyway, because if they knew any better, they would be better, right? 

The most important, most influential thing you can do for this world, is be the best YOU can be.  Be who you wish other people would be.  Be who you wish you could be.  You can’t expect other people to change if you’re not what you expect of other people either.  And if you are being the best person you can be, GOOD.  Because eventually, that will rub off on everyone around you too.  Eventually, people will notice and then they might start to want to change too.  Get it?  We can’t change other people, but changing ourselves for the better might just have a ripple effect and help the world change for the better too.  Keep shining guys.  Peace out. ✌️ 

The time is NOW

Is there something you’ve been holding back from doing in your life because “it’s not the right time yet”.  Is there a goal you would like to achieve , but just- not yet?  Are you hoping to one day “be there”, wherever “there”,may be?  Do you want to one day, “just be happy”? 

These are all common things we do and say as humans that should really not be so common, and I’m sure you’ve either said or heard all of the above, and in a million different ways too!  But what are these blocks, really?  These blocks, are just that.  Blocks.  Excuses.  A reason you’ve made up in your mind due to fears, insecurities, doubts, etc. that are keeping you from living the life you want to live.  Don’t worry, we ALL do it.  The point it, realizing that life is short, and if you want something, why not do it now?  What’s stopping you?   Either way, the worst that can happen is that you’ll be right where you started.  Wouldn’t you rather try, then sit right there where you are, anyway?

I talk to people everyday who make these excuses, and once we figure out their blocks, well that’s just the first step to a life time change!! The first step is realizing your blocks, and the next step is working on removing them.  But you have to make the decision to start, today! 

Ask yourself…are you living the life that you want to live?  Are you doing all the things you’ve always wanted to do? Are you waking up every morning ecstatic to be alive?  If you’re not, my question to you is, what are you waiting for?  If you want to do something, why not do it now? If you want to be something, why not be it now?  Life is short and full of surprises.  You never know when your last day may be.  So, why not change your life, today? 

What are some of the blocks you’ve had in your life and what did you do to overcome them?  

Drop us a comment below, we would love to hear about it !! 

What’s it to you, what I look like?!

I’ve never been overweight, like never. Yet I’ve always felt like I was …since a little girl.  I always thought I was fat and if you looked at pictures of me as a child, I was this lanky long armed, long-legged girl, with a soft tummy, but not even close to even being chubby! Yet, when puberty hit I was so ashamed of my body. I thought I was big when I wasn’t. Puberty is awkward after all, butvwhy yhe hell did I think I was fat? Where did this idea come from and why did they  bring it with me as an adult?  I honestly have never wondered where it came from until now….my psychoanalytical self has finally come out to psychanalyze myself, ha.

Sure, I have had and still have some  people in my life that don’t help with their comments when it comes to weight. But really, would it bother you if someone said you gained weight when you know you didn’t?  For some people, probably not.  For me–yeah, it’s one of my touchy subjects.   It bothered me, to the point where I would cry…yes CRY…even up until a few weeks ago when my uncle told me I gained weight when I didnt, I got annoyed and cried.  I’ve been dealing with my uncle saying nonsense stuff like that my whole life.  And it upset me.  Anyone saying anything about me being bigger would upset me.  Why? Because I’ve always thought I was fat.  Inferiority.  As if my body didn’t amount to what everyone expected it to be. As if I wasn’t enough.  And maybe these thoughts attracted things like people commenting on my weight.  I don’t know.  But what I do know is that thinking these thoughts have kept me in a place I don’t want to be, and that’s why I chose to change my thoughts about my self.  It’s called self love…the me project.  It’s a work in progress, but I’m getting there. It’s a process that I have tried  keep reminding myself to do.  But I’m doing it.  Now, the last time I saw my uncle, he asked me if I gained weight because he saw my love handles, that I HAVE ALWAYS had.  I not only said no, I didn’t because I hadn’t gained a pound anyway. But the important thing I said is this: what does it matter to him what I look like or how much I weigh anyway? Why is that so important?  That it’s the least important thing about me.  That I’m tired of people saying stupid stuff like that to me.  And you know what?  It felt good to let that out.  And I think it made him think a little.  Because he was totally kissing my ass afterwards, lol.

Gym selfies are not just for narcissist but also for self love advocates….next time maybe I’ll crack a smile :). Love yourself as you are

And so, I’ve made a decision …today, I am learning more about me and who I am.   I’m accepting myself as I am.  I am more than enough. I’m learning to accept everything about me, no matter what you say or think about me. To not care if you think I’ve gained a pound or two if I haven’t. Or even if I have. That is not of anyone’s concern but my own. Especially when I am at a healthy weight so it shouldn’t be a concern at all.  I’m fine.  I’m healthy.  I’m not dying.  I am living and living damn good.  Real good.
So after thinking….I now know where this nonsense about me being fat came from…my mamma. And even my dad. They weren’t big people, but they both struggled with weight issues, and I saw that as a young child and thought it was normal to think like this. It was normal to want to lose weight, and then get on the scale and get depressed that you haven’t lost any weight, then go eat or drink junk food because your upset about it.  That’s what I saw growing up.  It wasn’t normal. It isn’t normal to obsess about your weight. That blocks you from actually living life to the fullest.  I’m allowing more space in my life by learning to accept myself as I am.   Fuck it. Self love is the besttttt loveee.
Who’s with me?  Anyone relate?

Empowering our lives every damn day.