Abundance…what is it to you?

If you follow me on Instagram, you maybe know by now that I’ve been choosing a theme every week for what I want to focus my affirmations on. This week the focus is on ABUNDANCE

So let’s discuss.

Most people think about money when they hear the word abundance, but it’s not necessarily all about money. We all live different lives and we all have different interests and wants for ourselves. So what do you want for yourself that once you have you would feel fulfilled ? What would make you feel more free in your life once you have it? The answer to these questions is what abundance is to you.

So what is it? See my concern is…why the hell shouldn’t we all be

abundant in our lives? Why don’t we have or do everything we want for ourselves?

The thing is…We can be, ??

But a lot of times we block ourselves without even realizing it.

And the first thing we can do to make sure we start allowing more abundance in our lives is by using affirmations.

I LOVE affirmations.

Scream it with me!

“I am abundant in all areas of my life !!!”

Scream it, sing it, think it, repeat it all day!

(Check out my insta story for a daily affirmation! ?)


Use it all day as much as you can today, and everyday

Replace it with another affirmation tomorrow

Replace it with what you’re seeking in your life, so it can seek you!

Let’s work at getting what we want in our lives, one step at a time. I promise you, once you start using affirmations, you will start to attract what you are affirming in your life.

The Universe hears you, you just have to be specific and speak up!

Love ya,

Your girl Fotinoula

Aka Nini❤️

6 thoughts on “Abundance…what is it to you?”

  1. I think of abundance as having the blessings of God (and I don’t mean the name it and claim it kind, possessions, etc). What I mean is, to have quality of life: health, family and walking with my God, who has give me the ability to see and enjoy in the little things in life.

  2. Love it. In these times where negativity is “the thing”, daily affirmations go a long ways to more positive thinking and doing in our lives. And, the more positivity you bring to your life, the less time you give all the negativity – which should stifle it into non-existence if we all do it! I also find that as I evaluate my wants, I end up wanting way less than I originally thought I did… funny how that works.

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