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Where is the love ?!

This is real life.  We all talk and we all have something to say and we all have opinions about something and that’s all great but enough is enough with the shit talking guys! Where is the fucking love. Our children, our newer generations are doing this because of us.  They play fucking games to see who can be the meanest to the other.  They think being mean is cool. And then we wonder why childrenare committing  suicide.  Where are the parents involved in this?   Who the fuck made it cool to be mean?!

Yes, we can joke here and there, that’s normal, but when we are trying to one-up one another on levels of mean–that’s a problem.  Life is not a competition.  No matter where any of us are in life, we really tend to have the same feelings, some just hide it better than others.  Can we stop this mean-judging-one-another bullshit? It’s not getting any better for our children and if we continue, our children’s children are going to be royally fucked.  I know it sounds all “woowoo” but where is the frickin love guys?!  Let’s bring it back to life.  Let’s love eachother again-  for a better world ❤️ for us, for our children, and for our children’s children.  Make being mean un-cool- the way it should be.  Spread the word peeps.  Peace out. ✌️