You can’t change people…but you can change yourself! 

You know, I always wonder why they don’t teach this shit in school.  This concept is grasped by many, and not by most.  We can’t fucking change people, HELLO?! So quit crying about the same person that’s doing the same shit to you that you keep taking all these years.  They’re not gonna learn from your crying.  They’re probably not gonna care, and even if they do care, most likely, they’ll probably repeat the same shit they’ve done to you to hurt you again.  They won’t change until THEY decide to, not because you want them to.  And you should forgive them anyway, because if they knew any better, they would be better, right? 

The most important, most influential thing you can do for this world, is be the best YOU can be.  Be who you wish other people would be.  Be who you wish you could be.  You can’t expect other people to change if you’re not what you expect of other people either.  And if you are being the best person you can be, GOOD.  Because eventually, that will rub off on everyone around you too.  Eventually, people will notice and then they might start to want to change too.  Get it?  We can’t change other people, but changing ourselves for the better might just have a ripple effect and help the world change for the better too.  Keep shining guys.  Peace out. ✌️ 

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