Haters gonna hate…

Haters, you gotta love them, right?  Without them, we wouldn’t know how NOT to be.  For a lot of people, haters are just motivators.  So let them hate, let them motivate.  Fuck it.  We can’t control them anyways and we sure shouldn’t waste our valuable energy on what a hater has to say.  But it’s a wonder…especially seeing it so much in the online world, why do it? 

Everything we humans do, serves a purpose for us in our lives.  So think about it…if your upset that someone is hating on you..think about WHY do you think they are actually hating on you? If you think it’s about you, you are mistaken my friend.  It’s ALLL about them and their feels.  We will never know the real reason behind the hate,(unless they tell us) but I bet you the purpose of the hating has to do with making themselves feel better.  
I think it has to take a real bitter, angry person to even go out of their way and say something hateful or leave bitter comments on anyone’s stuff.  Hell, I could be so angry at something going on in my life and hate everyone around me for the time being (it happens, we’re only human) but I still will never even think of just hating on someone for no reason just because they are being who they are.  And that’s what we see a lot of on the internet.  Very weird.  I don’t get it, but it must for some reason make them feel good at the time they’re doing it, right?  But afterwards, they’ll still be stuck with themselves and you’ll still move on with your life.

Whatever.  Haters gonna hate!
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