Positive thoughts= Positive life

We are all delt a different card when it comes to the way we were raised and the type of personality we each have, and I believe that these factors weigh in to how our mindset works.

For some of us, thinking positively comes easy.

For others….well…we have to work at it.

And I truly believe it’s not our fault how we were raised to think, but, and this is a BIG but–I believe that we can always change our thinking patters.

Why do I believe this? Because I changed my own ! I chose to change my ways of thinking 🙂

I grew up around a lot of negative thinking, and in turn, I was thinking negatively. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized this and started to change my thought pattern-

and guess what?!

My life changed for the better!

I found that thinking negatively came SO easy to me, and thinking positively felt fake.

But I kept working at it.

I would listen to YouTube video after video, podcast after podcast, read tons in books, read daily affirmations, journaled, and even started meditating. I worked very hard to change my thinking patterns, that now, if a negative thought comes up, I know I don’t have to believe it.

I know I can change my ways, because I did, and that’s why I have devoted my life to helping others change their thoughts for the better.

You see, we aren’t in school that we control the way we think, so a lot of us don’t know this. I sure didn’t. So when I finally learned about it, it was LIFE CHANGING. And I want all of us to live the best lives we can.

So if you’re constantly caught in a negative spiral of thoughts, I want you to start changing your life by doing 1 thing. Turn the thought around to a positive one. And if that’s hard, take a book out and write a list of 10 positive aspects in your life right now. It’s such a simple little thing to do, but it’s a start to living a positive life !

Hope that helps someone like it helped me !

Love ya!

Your girl, Fotinoula.

Aka Nini❤️

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